GOOD FOOD: The Ugly Rooster Cafe

I had heard about The Ugly Rooster Cafe in Mechanicville from a friend months ago and finally checked it out this past Sunday. Table for two around noon took about a 15-minute wait, but that to me is a sign of a good place. (Yelp reviews told me that people will drive a half an hour or more to have breakfast here. Not a bad rep to have at all.)

Really great vibe. Sort of like being in someone’s home for breakfast, where they say you can ask for placemats if you want one and branded T-shirts for sale plaster one part of the wall.

I got two pieces of the French toast (above, obvi) — dipped in vanilla and nutmeg batter and topped with blueberries and cinnamon apples aka heaven, $6 well spent. Husband got the $6 Southern-style sandwich: fried egg, cheddar, and fried green tomato on a buttermilk biscuit. We’ll both be back.

Location: 159 North Main Street Mechanicville, NY

Menu here.


So it begins…

I semi-recently up’ed and left my life in Manhattan and moved back home to upstate NY. Ah, the Cap Region. When I lived here as a young’n, my knowledge of this area was limited to the confines of school, my street, and wherever my parents took me. I was hesitant to return after becoming so used to having a big city life and a big city job, but I did for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with here.

Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve been determined to see the ‘good’ in a life upstate. I didn’t want to always compare it to NYC — (so I really can’t order food past 3am here?) — and I wanted to, well, enjoy it here. I already loved the peace and quiet and not having to walk through Times Square on the way to work, but I really needed (and still need) to find things that make this place an awesome new home.

Finally, after mentally documenting my progress, I’m putting pen to paper (digitally) and helping myself — while hopefully helping you, too — love it here. And slowly but surely, I definitely am.

From good food to good deals to good fashion to good parties and beyond, this blog will chronicle it all. And not JUST for the reasons outlined above, but c’mon, aren’t we tired of being inundated with bad, scary, controversial news?

See something good around town? Send it over!

Happy (upstate) living.